Dec 31 - A Photo a Day

Well, at least that is the plan.  The goal is simple, post one photo per day for the next three months during my 2017 sabbatical. If I have words to add, I will, if not - well, be thankful you got the photo. We start today, Dec 31, 2016.

I was in a store today, picking up a few non-essential items for our trip, and as I exited, I noticed this sign. What a great idea!  What if our churches had something similar?  Forget the card in the bulletin, that no one uses. Instead, have them text you.  My guess is that if you get 50 texts over the course of a few months, 49 will be trivial and unhelpful.  Especially, the ones that you know are coming from Hank, who always complains.  But, you'll get one that just might be worth it.  In addition, visitors might be more willing to text than sign a guest book or fill out a card.  Just a thought.  

Day 1, the project begins.