St. Lydia's

Our sabbatical continues, and today you get more than one photo.  Wohoo!  Lisa and I worshipped at St. Lydia's in Brooklyn, NY this evening.  If not the originators of the dinner church concept, then pretty close.  The concept is simple.  Host a simple meal, merge it with some elements of liturgy and a casual atmosphere of people talking to one another.  

As someone that usually enter's new situations with a tad bit of reluctance, it was nice to be put to work right away.  I washed dishes.  THe pre-wash, aka, washing the pots and pans that were used by Andie, this evenings cook.

It was the music that stole my soul.  Simple accapella singing and chant.  My mystical preferences were in delight.

Then there was the atmosphere and the bread, and of course The Bread.