Why I go to the Leadership Summit...every year.

I believe in leadership.

I believe that every single human being is a leader.  If you are a parent, a school teacher, a baby sitter, a CEO, a pastor, a grand parent, a musician, a student....  You are leading someone, and if no one else, you are leading yourself.

We understand that God is the ultimate leader, but how we turn that around and exercise responsible leadership in our congregations, and our communities is critical. 

Lisa and I have attended the leadership summit every year in recent years.  Because they offer sites throughout the country, even when we have been on vacation, we have found a site to attend.  Every year we get practical ideas plus frameworks in growing our leadership skills.  

This year I want to invite you to join us in attending the Leadership Summit.  There are several locations throughout New England, but if you want to take advantage of a significant discount in the pricing, I'll invite you to join me at the Rehoboth, MA site.  When you register, use the discount code 13DAS.  You can register by clicking here

There are other locations that may be closer to you, but I'm not sure if the discount code works on those locations.  Check out this video for some more information.


Now some of you might wonder, 'is this a Lutheran event?'  The answer is no it is not. It is produced by the Willow Creek Association, which is the church resourcing ministry of an independent christian congregation in suburban Chicago.  We are not going to this event to learn theology, we are going to learn about leadership.

As I said in a blog post last summer, I've learned from many different traditions over the course of my life, I've been able to filter through the lens of my context and culture and tribe.  So why wouldn't I want to learn from people who offer this rich resource.

This is not a pastor only event, this is for anyone, and I encourage you to consider bringing a team of people from your congregation.  Let me know if you plan on attending, as some of us are discussing having a BBQ on Thursday night at the home of one of our church members.

Hope to see you at the summit.