On Listening to the "Nones"

Why double the work, when someone else has done it for you?

Laura Everitt, my chief competitor in the "How many miles can you put on your car" arena, has beat me to the punch composing a serious blog post about last friday evening's panel of nones.

"What are you talking about?" you ask.

Last friday evening, I invited seven people who have no religious affiliation, to be my guests on stage at our New England Synod Assembly.  Six of the seven made it through pouring rain and traffic back-ups on the Mass Turnpike.  The only one who did not make it had the joy of being with his wife, as she gave birth to their first child.  I've been mulling over the almost two hour conversation that we had last friday, and trying to come up with a nice summary.  But, Rev. Laura Everett, Exec Dir of the Mass Council of Churches beat me to the punch. Read her reflections, on her blog.

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