Ride for Refugee Children

Next week, I will be riding across the State of Iowa with 18,000 of my best friends in the annual RAGBRAI event. (WHich stands for something-something-something Bike Ride Across Iowa). Our team of bikers includes Erik Bell Kurt Christenson Mark Hagen Bradley Thom Rick Hoyme Frank Kaduk and Loren Clark. Jeff Thiemann will also join us later in the week. Our group of Halfling Riders will cover an average of 60 miles per day for 7 days. The temperatures forecast indicated that we will also be experiencing Dante's Inferno. I'm dedicating this as a "Ride for Refugees" and inviting everyone to consider supporting the AMPARRO ministry of the ELCA and their work with Refugee Minors. There is a donation button on the page link below. Consider making a gift to help the Lutheran Church assist young children at the border. #rideforrefugees Feel free to share this with your other FB Friends.

P.S. If you want to follow along, you can do this on my Instagram www.instagram.com/jimhazelwood