The Experience of Writing a Book while Fasting

One of the best decision I made last month was to take a leave of absence from Social Media. This Lenten fast has been the diet I’ve needed, especially since I’m trying to write book. According to my screen time report from my iPhone, I’ve picked up just under 2 hours a day. Most of this time has gone to more productive activities including getting up early to write for one hour a day. The key to this Social Media fast (aka not just no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, but also I removed the apps of various news sources as well) is replacing the time with substantive activities. In addition to writing, I’m now outside more either hiking of biking, plus I’m intentionally reaching out to friends for some face to face time.

The book is coming along slowly, and I’m grateful to all who have made contributions. I received over 116 stories of everyday spirituality. Thank you. The book has chapters with one word titles. Breath, Work, Less, Laugh. They are short chapters and the book when finished will be a quick read, maybe 100 pages. It’s intended to help the average Jill, Joe or Julio discover a deeper truth about everyday life, namely, it’s spiritual. I’m toying with a subtitle of “27 Things you already do that make you the Saint you didn’t want to be.” Clearly, I’ve got work to do.

I’ve finished the first draft and am now in the first round of editing, which essentially means rewriting all the mess of the first draft. It’s a slog. There are days I think it’s worthwhile book, and there are days I’m just completely embarrassed by my work. But, I’m committed so I’ll push on.

Soon, I’ll be announcing an invitation for people who would like to be a part of a launch team. You’ll get a free digital copy of the book and some goodies. I’ll also be asking for input on early drafts of chapters. If this interests you, I can add you to an email list when it all happens. You can email me at Bishop @