Tribe by Sebastian Junger

Sebastian Junger, New England native and bestselling author of The Perfect Storm, has penned a fascinating quick read in Tribe. The book explores the way in which modern US American society is structured in an inhospitable manner. He uses both Native American Indian encounters with white europeans in the 1700’s as well as returning veterans from recent wars to drive home his point. This book weaves in some new perspectives that most people who read this blog would not normally encounter. That alone makes it worth the read. Want to understand why men are not in our congregations? Want to get a glimpse into evolutionary forces that help explain genuine community? Want to understand how the legalism on both the left and the right are tearing a part culture, society and democracy? This book will force you to reexamine some of your foundational beliefs. But, I’d only read it if you want that challenge as it’s not for those who wish to continue in a kind of reaffirmation echo chamber.