Everyday Spirituality

I'm writing a book on Everyday Spirituality, and I'm looking for examples of God showing up in people's lives, in the ordinary, commonplace parts of our lives.  Interested?

Where and when have you seen God?

- at the grocery store
- on a vacation
- while spending money
- around the cafeteria
- over coffee
- in the hospital
- on the soccer field

If you've got a story, (even a weird one) I'm interested in hearing about it.  It just might end up in a book, and it might help other people realize that God shows up in unexpected ways and in unexpected people and places. We can do this anonymously if you prefer. 

Let me know.  Just send an email with your story.  It doesn't need to be perfectly written, cause this is just a first draft. 

Send me an email at bishop @ nesynod.org or use the contact form on this website