On Writing

While he is writing about song writing, I found this little piece to have broad application to writing in general.

“There is a strange truth that accompanies writing: if you do it for recognition, you are likely signing yourself up for a life of misery. Whatever recognition you receive will never feel like enough. And yet every writer appreciates any real engagement with the work, for it can be a lonely profession at times, and there are days we wonder if any of it matters. We always hope that others writing about the music (or a project) will help the music find its way into new places. We always hope the songs can go and make good lives for themselves.

On a good day, writing feels like a spiritual practice, or a way of life. Its one of the rare vocations, that comes with the opportunity to get better at something over the course of an entire lifetime. And what better way to get a writer out of bed in the morning: our best work may still be out there waiting for us.”

Lindford Detweiler (of the Americana Folk Group Over the Rhine)