Is it Economics, Financial Freedom, or Christian Stewardship?

The answer is Yes!

Heck, it's life stewardship.  The only thing that makes it Christian is my lame attempt to follow Jesus, dance with the Trinity and enjoy God's ever Evolving Creation.

Today, the CBO, (Congressional Budget Office  -these are the men and women who actually count real numbers in our economy, unlike what each political party wants the numbers to be)  Anyway, they released news today, that the federal debt is expected to soar to more than $33 trillion in 2028.  Yes, indeed, that is a big number.  There was a day when Republicans, Independents and Democrats would have screamed at such a number.  Now, I guess it's only a few people, like me that look at that and shudder.  Or is it shutter?

What's a fiscal conservative socially liberal bishop to do?

To start with, I'm doing everything I can to pay off all my own debts, including the mortgage.  Then I'm going to save every stinking' penny I can.  Why?  Cause, it don't look pretty in 10 years.  You might want to consider the same thing, cause there ain't free lunch, and you can't spend your way out of this mess.