Stir it Up - Going Forward as a Synod of Experimentation

Readers of this blog, and people active in the New England Synod, may already be aware of my emphasis on experimentation.  Last fall, I began writing a paper that reflected on 'where we are and where are we going.'  It's now had multiple versions, and the latest one is now published at this link.  Click here.

The paper is my attempt to speak into the challenging circumstances that confront mainline, particularly Lutherans, congregations in New England.  It's an evolving document, and the latest version includes some significant additions.  In this version 12, I wanted to respond to frequent requests for examples.  Essentially, I was hearing, 'look, we go it, we know the problem, show us some solutions.'  OK.  There are some, and we can add more.  Hopefully, the examples will generate some energy and inspiration.  But, remember, "inspiration is good, but inspiration plus action is better."

This is the version that will be available for conversation at our New England Synod Assembly.