The Podcast Launches....Now

We launch our podcast today.  You can listen to the Podcast here (see below -click the play button in the bottom left) or you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts or Stitcher.  There is also a Podcast Page on this Website, and we will have all the episodes there as well.

Today we release four episodes.  Part One is an Introduction which we refer to as Episode Zero, followed in the same podcast episode with a reading of the latest version of my article on a Church Being Re-Born.  Episode Two is an interview with Tim Stein about his new venture called Verse 4, in which we explore the struggles of churches at the close of their time of ministry.  Episode three and four is a two part conversation with Rev. Laura Everett about what she is seeing in dynamic churches in New England.  Enjoy.

More to come in the weeks and months ahead.  If you listen to Podcasts regularly consider subscribing in Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or your favorite Podcast App.