Sabbatical at Midpoint

I'm a tad beyond the midpoint of this sabbatical.  Refreshed and renewed, here are some random thoughts:

- Reading widely and broadly everything thing Steinbeck's Travels with Charlie to DT Suzuki's Introduction to Zen, plus Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, the blogs of Tyler Cowen and the Minimalists.

- I'm now at nearly Six months of regular morning meditation and Psalms.  It's a daily 15 minute pause after waking.  I meditate for 10 minutes, read one of the Psalms and pray for a person/place or three.  Eugene Peterson's translation of the Psalms along with the app Headspace have been helpful tools.

- Selectively reading newspaper's and journal's in an attempt to understand what is happening in our society/world.  Trump, nationalism, racism and economic dislocation.

- Hiking and Cycling in various locals.

- Eating the earth, especially the bounty that is yielded forth in this vally in Ojai where vegetables and fruits are plentiful.

I have no particular wisdom to share at this point.  It's all being digested.  I'm keenly aware of some changes I need to make, and am already making. I've observed several of my bishop colleagues needing to step away from this office.  Two this year have decided to return to the parish.  In the last four and a half yers I've watched a few others self destruct, and four choose not to run for a second term.  This has a sobering affect on you, especially for me as I enter my fifth year, turning 58, becoming a grandfather.  You start to ask different questions about life and work.  How do I want to spend my time?  Where can I make a difference?  What's most important.  These are question I continue to mull over as I move through this sabbatical.

The daily photo blogging has continued on instagram, you can follow me there.  I'll post here as I am moved.  I plan to regularly post to this blog upon return from this sabbatical, which concludes March 31.