A Bishop and a Mufti walk into a...

A Bishop and a Mufti walk into a ....
No, not a bar, actually probably an office.  We sit down and have a conversation about Islam, Christianity, contemporary society, terrorism, Donald Trump, America, faith, hope and love. The goal is for us to gain a greater understanding of one another and our religions.
This will happen later in January, when I sit down for a conversation with Mufti Ikram ul Haq, who is the spiritual leader of the Smithfield, Rhode Island Mosque.  A Mufti is a religious scholar of Islam.  In Islamic schools, a Mufti is considered the pinnacle in the hierarchy of scholars because of the advanced training required. 
Wanna be a part of this conversation?
You can.  Simply ask your questions here below in the comment section.  I'll sift through them, edit and include them in our conversation.  We will post the video of our conversation, and make a DVD available for congregational and small group study use.  The video should be available the very end of January.
In the meantime, you may want to check out this excellent resource from our Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services.  It's called My Muslim is My Neighbor, and it is an excellent introduction to Islam. Just click the lirs.org link below.