How do we do Evangelism?

Thom Rainer has some ideas in his latest email update.  He writes:

We hear from churches all over the country about how God is working in their churches and how they are seeing people come to new life in Christ. So on today’s episode, we discuss nine relational evangelism ideas that are working in churches.

Some highlights from today’s episode include:

  • The easiest way to connect with a non-Christian is over a meal.
  • I do not understand why we do not pray for evangelistic opportunities more.
  • We have to be intentional about developing relationships with non-Christians.
  • Non-Christians are more open to coming to a Christmas Eve service than any other time of the year.
  • If you’re not doing a Christmas Eve service, you’re missing a great opportunity.
  • Align your church programs to intentionally create evangelistic opportunities.

The nine relational evangelism ideas that work are:

  1. Partner with a Christian student group on a local college campus and host a late night coffee/study session during finals week
  2. Encourage members to have a meal a week with an unchurched family
  3. Frequent the same coffeeshop/restaurant and develop relationships
  4. Go to the same non-Christian barber/stylist
  5. Pray for opportunities each day to develop relationship with non-Christians
  6. Join an organization to connect with non-Christians
  7. Develop meaningful relationships with your non-Christian co-workers
  8. Gift Christmas gifts (like baked goods) to your neighbors
  9. Teach in an ESL class