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This is Broken: Technical and Adaptive Change

Perhaps the best thing to come out of our last seminar is a renewed focus on noticing; noticing the broken, the thriving, the complicated, the simple, the systemic,  and even the mundane. Noticing the way we've always done things and asking "why?" Noticing when we're afraid, anxious or uncomfortable and instead of hiding from it- naming it. Noticing when the quick fix isn't going to cut it and that there are deeper issues to address.

We like to refer to the Vital Signs report as the CAT scan because it makes you stand up and take notice.  We see under the surface to where those adaptive changes are needed in order to increase the health and vitality of the whole system- not just one or two parts. The temptation is that we try to tweak one or two things to effect adaptive change when really we need to question and re-evaluate the way the whole system operates. That will mean different things for each congregation and the path of change will be show itself in a variety of ways. Yet we as a community can learn from one another; the art of noticing is not a solitary activity. New and different perspectives widen our vision and, with God's help, we'll move from noticing, to questioning, to implementing change, and moving forward.


This is Broken: Adaptive and Technical Change Power Point Slides

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If you haven't already discovered it, David Lose has a wonderful blog called "In the Meantime..." Lots of different categories and thoughts, but you'll find some great articles about adaptive change and innovation under the heading of "Leadership". Here's a few to get you started:


Finally, after our conversations about shame  and dancing with fear someone mentioned that they were reminded of the TED talks on vulnerability and shame by Brene Brown.