The Effective Small Church

Join me for this conversation about making the small church more effective
The Effective Small Church
On May 6 at 7 p.m.Bishop Jim Hazelwood will be joined by pastors Anne Deneen (St. Paul - Gloucester, Mass.; right) and Julie Reuning-Scherer (Our Savior's - Newington, Conn.) for a webinar called "The Effective Small Church in New England." 
Bishop Hazelwood and Pastors Deneen and Reuning-Scherer will talk about what makes a small congregation (defined as one that worships 70 or fewer people each Sunday) a powerful one, using examples from their experiences. The discussion will include: 
  • The unique aspects of being a small church
  • The challenges and opportunities a small church faces
  • Financing a small church and its ministries
  • Governance in a small church
  • Pastoral care
  • Getting more people involved
Click here to register for the webinar. Bishop Hazelwood will host the talk. If you'd like to ask questions of the panel, you can submit them through the GoToWebinar platform during the talk, and the Bishop will read them!
The Synod House in Worcester can also host a limited number of people in its conference room during the talk. If you're interested in attending, please email Andy Merritt