Guest Blogger Geoff Sinibaldo

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While this is not rocket science, I want to lift up Geoff Sinibaldo's most recent blog post on greeting people outside. I can't tell you how much this small thing CHANGES EVERYTHING. Yes, that's not hyperbole, I mean it. From the get go you are setting the tone for what is going to happen. What does this say to people coming to church when the pastor is on the sidewalk welcoming people, even when it's cold and he (or she) is out there. Love the pic of Geoff in his signature ridiculous looking hats. Even when's it's rainy - Go buy one of those big honking' Golf Umbrellas.

But you say, I can't do that, I've got to prep for worship. I say, prep for worship on Saturday. get out there and greet people. You could wrap a whole theology around this behavior.

Here's a challenge try doing it this sunday. Yup just try it one sunday, see what happens.  And you can do it whether you are the pastor or the usher or the sunday school class of a teacher and 5 kids.

Maybe it's the first step out into the Neighborhood.