Giving Tuesday

December 2 is Giving Tuesday.  Huh?  What's that?

First there was Black Friday, a day when masses of people crowd into shopping malls and gorge themselves on stuff they'll probably toss out in a year or two, but the day is said to keep our economy flowing.  Then there was Small Business Saturday, a day when US Americans are to shop locally in those small shops that are independently owned.  Next we have Cyber Monday, when all the people that go to work can sit at their computers and shop online for those things they could've gotten on Friday or Saturday, but opted to stay home and rake leaves instead.  Now, there is Giving Tuesday.  It's a day set aside to encourage people to make a gift to a church, a charity, a non-profit.  So, Dec 2 is Giving Tuesday.  What are you gonna give.  Here are some suggestions:

1.  Your congregation - Consider an extra gift to your congregation on this Tuesday.  And make it one of those no strings attached gifts.  You know, here is an extra $50 over and above my regular giving.  Why?  Cause, I know that God makes me a better person when I generous.

2. The ELCA World Hunger Appeal - This has become my go to charity for giving.  I like it better than Heifer cause I know that more of my donation actually goes to help people, as opposed to getting sucked up in TV ads.  Here's the cool thing.  ELCA World hunger works with the same people on the ground as Heifer and the like.  So in the end you are giving to the same on the ground hunger ministry, only through ELCA World Hunger, more of your gift goes to the place that makes the difference.  

3. Global Mission Companion Synods.  In New England we partner with the church in Jordan and the Holy Land, and in Honduras.  The New England Synod supports scholarships for kids to go to school, health related ministry and church construction.  Consider a gift in that direction.