Calumet Men's Retreat - How Men think about Sex, God and Money

Calumet Men's Retreat
Oct. 18-20
Yes, that is the title of the Calumet Men's retreatBishop Jim Hazelwood is the retreat leader, and his three talks "For Men Only" will wrestle with the unique ways men approach these subjects. He'll use studies from as disparate fields as depth psychology, philosophy and recent win-loss percentages of left-handed pitching in Major League Baseball.
"I'm weaving together a spirituality of male intimacy in this retreat," Bishop Hazelwood says. "I think men in our culture have inherited some unhelpful perspectives on money, sex & God. While I'm not aiming to overturn a thousand years of thinking, I do think that we can explore and surface some of these unhelpful world views. As is usual for my approach to such matters, we'll use zaniness, humor and playfulness while also integrating Biblical stories. Even if nothing new emerges, we'll have a good time."  
In case you haven't figured it out, Bishop Hazelwood believes in a Spirituality of Fun. Men can register for this retreat at Camp Calumet by contacting