What I'm Learning

On Sunday I made my 67th church visit since Sept 1. Christ Lutheran Church in Natick, MA
By the time Ash Wednesday rolls around, I'm guessing I'll have been in 75 of the 185 congregations of the New England Synod. Not bad for the five month mark.

So, what am I learning through all these visits?

1. We have some great ministry happening here in New England, and part of our challenge is to tell those stories of good news.

2. Congregations are where the gospel hits the road. Yes, it happens elsewhere, but this is the heart of activity in our synod.

3. The changing culture has created some serious stressors on our churches and our pastors. We need to find ways to understand what's happening and explore new ways to move forward.

4. I sense a deep hunger in people to try new ways without abandoning the old. Can we be an Ancient-Future faith simultaneously?

There is more, but it's late and I need my beauty rest.

More to come.