What can a business guy possibly teach the church?

Every Monday I receive an email from Tom Peter's, the business guru who authored In Search of Excellence and helped the American business community refocus on performance and effectiveness.  Former Interim Lutheran Social Services CEO, David Forsberg and I had a conversation last fall.  We discovered our mutual affinity for Tom Peters.  I recall David's words to me were, "I'm more Tom Peters than Jim Collins."  He was refering to another business guru in siting Mr. Collins.  Tom is the originator (I think) of the phrase "Management by Waundering around" MBWA or as I call it "ministry by walking around."  He is also a big believer in "Ready, Fire, Aim."  His point on the last one?  Companies spend far too much time getting ready, and analyzing data, and never get around to actually doing something.  See this video.  I like Tom.

Spend time with Tom, it will help you in ministry, business and your family life.  WARNING:  Tom is brash, highly opinionated, no non-sense kinda guy.  I like Tom. (OK, so maybe the baseball team is not a favorite of mine)

Today, I received his weekly email.  It reads:


Love the words: WOW ... Beauty ... Grace ... Revolution ... Impact.


Now, I have no idea what Tom's faith orientation maybe, but I read the above and I thought to myself,  "there it is."   I like Tom.   He lives in southern Vermont.  Anyone out there know him well enough, that I could ride my motorcycle up his dirt road and enjoy a cup of Jo with him, it would probably be the best continuing education hour of my year.