Now that the Power is back!

This evening the electricity returned to our home in Rhode Island following the big snow blizzard of Feb 8 & 9. Life is getting back to normal already.  The lights are on in the other room, the humm of the refrigerator, and the internet is live again.

Pastor Jeff Stalley wrote some reflections after the last storm.  He wonders about power and power.  Read it here.

I learned today that our town manager was without power through today as well.  He was grateful.  Why?  Because he feared that if he had power before others in town, he'd be viewed as having special connections and taking advantage of his position.

The power is back on, but the real question is, now that the power is back on, those of us with a responsibility to look after the least of these are charged to ponder and act.  What about those who never get power?  What about those who are cold or hungry all the time?  What about the power of God can be turned on, so that those without power, can be returned to power?

Clearly it's been too many sleepless nights, and a head cold that is coming on.  So my poor attempts at poetic prose are failing.  Perhaps I'd have been better off steering you to read this lesson.