A Better Mood

Churchgoers are often in a better mood, especially following worship services.


As I make my way around the New England Synod, I've now visited over 60 different congregations, I'm intrgued with some of the questions I get asked by people in our congregations.  One question that was a little unusual, went this way:  "I think christianity needs to hire a Madison Avenue advertising firm.  We've got the best product in human history.  Our problem is that we don't market it very well.  What do you think, Mr. Bishop."

While I am reluctant to reduce the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to an advertsing campaign, I must say that when I saw the research sited above, I thought to myself, "Well, that's a nice tangible biproduct of being a christian."  

What about you?  Are you in a better mood after sunday worship?