Jesus had a Wife?

Dr. Karen King has received a bit of attention this week for her research surrounding a second century coptic christian papyrus, in which there is a reference to Jesus' wife.  Pr. Dave Buehler resourced me with this link, which is very helpful.  CHeck it out here.

The Smithsonian Channel will have a television program on Sept 30.  More info here.

Here is a brief interview with Dr. King 


What's my take on all this?  My impulisive answer is "I love it."  Let's continue to take in, discover, wonder, examin and explore Jesus.  It doesn't impact, hurt or damage my personal faith one bit.  I've always believed that the church should embrace scholarship.  We have these amazing God given brains, let's use them.  The more circumspect answer would be along the lines of carefully examining and studying.  What's the basis of these findings?  How does this evidence impact our categories of understanding?  I'd be essentially saying the same thing in both answers, just different language.

Personally, I'm looking forward to reading more about this, and watching the Smithsonian piece.