What's Wordle?

It's a way of seeing what all the words we write might look like, if we converted that text to a photograph.  I find it to be a resource in visualizing what I'm attempting to communicate.  For instance, try dropping your recent sermon or newsletter or word document into wordle, and see what it spits out?  You may have thought you were communicating about one thing, be then realize that other words are more dominant.

I copied the text of this blog into wordle as an evaluation tool.  Here is what came back - the larger the word, the more often I have used it.

As I look at this, I'm liking what I'm seeing as an emphasis, especially "people" as a dominant theme. I also see leadership, new, well (is that well as in wellness, or just, oh well?) and church.  But, I'm also realizing God and Jesus are not too prominent - gotta fix that.  Makes me realize I need to balance this blog out with faith, theology and spiritual reflections.

Maybe it's a tool you can use, maybe not - thought I'd share. Try it out http://www.wordle.net