Keith Anderson hits another home run

Pastor Keith Anderson, formerly a Red Sox fan, now relocated to the land of the Phillies (hmmmm, both teams are struggling this year, is there a connection?)  Some of you know Keith's fine work in ministry in general, and specifically on the digital frontier.  I highly commend you to his website and blog.

In particular, an article today entitled, "What Young Clergy Want You to Know."  He's hit another homerun, as he helps us all understand and value young adults in ministry.  

Keith has also written on the subject of Minstry in the Digital Era, and his book rests quietly on my Kindle.  I'm hoping he'll autograph the book with a Sharpie.  We'll have to get Keith back up here in New England for a workshop in the next year or so, as we explore the various tools at our disposal for technology and ministry.  One of my passions is communications via the spoken word, photography, video, the web and that 500 year old phenomenon - ink and paper.  I'll be seeking out people in New England and beyond, who have knowledge and wisdom in this field.