Have you done the Google lately?

Some would say the act is the epitome of self obsession, a sign of the narcistic times we live.  Maybe it is the greatest compliment and sign of a self actualized individual.  What am I talking about?  

Googling yourself.

 Yes, indeed.  I am actually encouraging you to enter your name in the google search engine.  What you will see is a glimpse of how other people see you.  The results for me are fairly predictable: My bishop on a bike website and blog, a link to my old photography business (now sending references to two friends), various press releases, plus links to many other Jim Hazelwood's around the world.

But, do you have some strange video out there of you dancing in a grass skirt on top of the tables in the college cafeteria?  Not that I ever did that while I was a student in college.

My point is that in this day and age of the internet, you need to remember that you are a public person. Especially, if you are a pastor, teacher, business leader, coach, etc.   People are googling (is that a word?) you. They are checking you out - all the time.  This is especially true if you are in a job search, interviewing for a new call, or being considered for an award.  Perhaps you should take a deep look at your internet profile and address some of those old posts, facebook pictures or videos.

Do you need to be pure?  Hah.  Look at me, I'm not hiding who I am, but I am strategic about my posts, both here and elsewhere.  I don't use swear words, I don't criticize other people (though I may tease them), I don't advertise my daily emotional status or the latest zit that has appeared on my forehead.  Think before you post! Yes, you can be playful, but you must also be smart.  

Just a thought, oh and by the way, I found this today.

Watch my email box fill with complaints from all the therapists, including my own.   Oooops, should I have disclosed that piece of information?   Oh, the rumors will fly now.