Merry Christmas 2012

A photo from our August 2012 motorcycle camping trip in Montana, Glacier National Park.  

Along the top, a couple of photos from my installation, with good friends, Erik Bell, Kurt Christenson and Mark Hagen.  The next is of our two black labs, we did say good bye to Lucy this summer after 13 years.  The Hazelwood-Stoen clan, and two good lookin' people on a bike outside Yellowstone in August.

This past weekend I visited  my 51st and 52nd congregation since starting on September 1 as Bishop.  St. Mark in Norwich, CT and Iglesia Luterana in Providence.  I'm now settling in to a bit of a break for this week, and then a week at the Conference of Bishops.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.  I'm taking some time off from the blog until after the new year. Unless something really sparks my attention.  I'll resuming blogging on January 8, 2013.