I don't believe in Communication.

I believe in over communication.


If you would like to register for this event on Jan 12 click here.


On Saturday, January 12, from 10:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m., I'm inviting 25 people to join me and some gifted people from the field of journalism and communication to explore, learn and improve your communication skills. This is another step in our ongoing efforts to help congregations and the synod as a whole tell better stories. There is no financial cost for this event, but there is an expectation that you are willing to learn and apply your new found skills to help both your congregation and the synod do a better job in communication. (A small donation to offset the cost of lunch will be invited.) The trade off is simple. We'll teach you how to improve communication in your congregation in exchange for your willingness to be a journalist to tell a few stories a year about your church. 

We are looking for people who like to take pictures or video, write stories, ask questions, and/or express themselves creatively through communication. We don't expect you to know everything, just have a willingness to learn more. 
At this event, you will: 
  • Learn the keys to getting better local press coverage of your church.
  • Improve the way your church tells its story. 
  • Become a better photographer.
  • Discover ways to use Facebook and the internet in your church.
  • Write a short story about an event at you church.
  • Network with professionals eager to help you after this.
This event is limited to 25 persons on a first come first registered basis. You can use this Constant Contact link here to register. Yes, you can bring more than one person from your church, but no more than three. Location is at the New England Synod Office, 20 Upland St. Worcester, Mass, actually right next door at Emanuel lutheran Church.