Where are we going?

This weekend sixty some leaders from across the New England Synod met in Springfield to review the final report from ARE - a renewal enterprise.  You can view the report yourself, just click here. We worked hard to focus on clarifying some strategic directions for the synod.  More info to come, but just want to give you a little insight.

We ended the day with a focus on three areas including leadeship development, faith develoopment and addressing poverty.

Those of you reading this wondering if this is going to be some new top down synod program - sorry to dissapoint you.  We are attempting to grow this from the congregations, not up, but across.  Think more relational and network as we go forward.  I'd prefer to see a congregation connect with two or three other congregations and a social service agency to address a local issue. 

How are we going to live forward in a more inter-related manner?  That's a big question.

Will we get it right all the time?  Hmmmm, doubt it.  But, when we fail, we use it as an opportunity to learn. Then go out and try again.