Episode 38 - Will the ELCA be around in 30 years?

Earlier this Fall, Dwight Zscheile, a professor at Luther Seminary authored an article/blog post titled "Will the ELCA be around in 30 years?"  That article features some research the reveals the dramatic decline of the ELCA projected from 2017 to 2050.  In this episode of the Everyday Spirituality Show we sit down, via a telephone, with Dwight and ask him to unpack this article in greater depth.

Professor Dwight Zscheile

Professor Dwight Zscheile

Episode 27 - 400 Years of Slavery

In this catch up episode I explain the new project I’m working on - a book and curriculum on Everyday Spirituality, plus a recording of a sermon I preached last weekend On Genesis 15, which I call “400 Years of Slavery.”